Miriam Ministry

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First Christian Church members have been prayerfully and thoughtfully planning a new ministry. With you
help, it can become a reality.

A need has been identified in our community, and that is a need for diaper assistance for those with limited means, as well as a need for encouragement of infant development through the providing of stimulating books and toys. Through a partnership with the WIC program, we wish to provide help in these areas.

Why is it named “Miriam” Ministry? As you may recall, we read in Exodus about Moses and his sister Miriam. When put in a basket in the river, he was watched over by his sister Miriam, who then asked Pharaoh's daughter if their mother might care for him. We wish to assist mothers in the care of their children.

Many ideas are being discussed to further promote this endeavor. You may soon see items in social media. We want this to be an enduring Washington County service, and other church communities and groups may wish to be a part.

We are currently accepting donations! A check to FCC with “Miriam Ministry” notation, or of course cash
are much appreciated.

You can also donate with the PayPal button below!

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