About Disciples of Christ


     Our fellowship is part of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), which started in the United States in the 1800s. Thomas Campbell and his son, Alexander, wanted to put an end to divisiveness at the Lord's Table. They split from their Presbyterian heritage and founded the Christian Church. Barton Stone, a Presbyterian minister, also split from his church because of his rejections of creeds, which he felt separated Christian denominations and caused factionalism. Similar beliefs and goals led the Stone and Campbell movements to unite in 1832. One of the early goals of these movements was to overcome differences among Christian faith groups, and as such, the Christian Church often reaches out to other Christian denominations. Currently, the First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) exists in 46 states and is found in five provinces throughout Canada. 


     The Disciples of Christ recognize the Bible as the inspired Word of God; however, individual members' views range from fundamental to liberal. The Christian Church refrains from telling its members how to interpret Scripture. The Disciples of Christ believe that the only requirement for salvation is a belief in Christ as your Savior. As such, congregations only require new members to make the simple statement of faith, "I believe that Jesus is the Christ and I accept him as my Lord and Savior." The Christian Church baptizes by immersion at an age of accountability. The Lord's Supper, or communion, is open to all Christians and is observed weekly.


     As a family of believers, our mission is to glorify God through evangelism, worship, discipleship, fellowship, and outreach. Through evangelism, we share the good news of God's word with those who do not yet know Jesus Christ. Our worship celebrates God's presence and love in our lives. By discipleship, we nurture the spiritual development and growth of all those who God brings through our doors. In fellowship, we comfort and care for others in the spirit of Christian love. By outreach, we minister to those with needs in our own community and in our world in the name of Christ. 


     Services at First Christian Church of Sandersville consist of prayer, hymns, scripture readings, a sermon, tithes and offerings, communion, the Lord's prayer, and an invitation to Discipleship. We welcome all to join us. 

    Want to learn more about The Disciples?  Check out our General church website at www.disciples.org or the Regional Church website at www.gadisciples.org.